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The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2009 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 have incentivized investment in solar energy. Investment Funds offered through DC Solar Solutions receive the 30% Federal Business Energy Tax Credit (ITC), and the projects are fully depreciable.

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Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

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Rev-TEC CORP designs, manufactures and distributes large format high end, high margin lithium ion cells and application specific battery systems. Our solutions have been optimized in order to ensure that they out-perform the industry standard with regard to safety, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Our proprietary battery systems are the safest high energy and high power lithium cells manufactured to date.  The energy storage systems that we produce can be configured, optimized, and scaled for even the most mission critical applications. 

Rev-TEC can provide best in class energy solutions from advanced battery cell manufacturing, to hardware performance optimization, to energy storage system.

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Rev-TEC Corp's Solutions provides investors with a financial, social and environmental return.

Specifically designed to reduce tax liability and provide investor cash flow.

Investors receive federal solar tax incentives for their investment.

The investment tax credit of 30% is earned on the entire basis of the energy property.

Credits are generated on the total cash and leveraged cost basis.

Results in a significant return which is passed to Investor Members.

Lease payments from the energy property may be utilized to pay leveraged loans.

Investor Members receive an annual return during the period of their investment.

Depreciation may be taken immediately, if eligible for bonus depreciation, or over 5-6 years.  Investments in renewable energy produce tangible social and environmental benefits!

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Rev-TEC Corp Solutions for; Home Energy Storage, Construction Solutions, Mobile Solar Generator, Public Venue Solutions

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